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It’s more than just about another pretty face. The draw is the high energy that defines Macy’s Cosmetics and Fragrance department. All things gorgeous and fragrant converge here making it the go-to place for the most innovative, most-wanted lotions, potions and notions. The charm pulls you in whether in the store or online with millennial-magnet events and concepts featured in our equally energized campaigns that generated buzz in print, broadcast, digital, motion, mobile and across an omni range of collaterals. 

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The most fabulous of them all? Macy’s Cosmetics & Fragrance Department spanning 27,000 square feet of all things beautiful.

As part of the HSQ multi-million dollar renovation, the department got its own makeover along with a supporting campaign highlighting luxury brands, celebrity exclusives, gifts, makeovers and so much more. The campaign packed a pretty punch inviting all to go for gorgeous in multiple media channels including print, broadcast, online and more.


Are you romantic? Sexy? Understated? In partnership with fragrance industry notables, Macy’s created an interactive and

dynamic discovery experience that invited customers to immerse themselves in our fragrant world. Sensory pods popped

up in store surrounding fragrance lovers in scent, videos and sounds that reinforced a Match Your Mood interactive panel

designed to enlighten and enrich.

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