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The London-based virtuoso of rocker-chic meets tailored style brought his aesthetic to America with this collection. The creative idea for Kinder Aggugini for Impulse Only at Macy’s borrowed from the Beatles’ Abby Road album cover and encapsulated the budding romance with the designer on this side of the pond. The Beatles tie-in was the big idea and to build on the Abby Road theme, we recreated the cover shooting in the exact, iconic spot. 

More than just a backdrop, London was the all-important location for the photo shoot with the city, itself, as the designer’s muse. Behind the camera, Londoner and photographer, Norbert Schoerner captured the details of the clothing and the story with his innovative and imaginative approach to photography.

The range of assets for the 360° campaign created consumer craze around the launch with media that included video, national magazine, online, station domination, in-store and press events. 

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