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A Macy’s leadership collaboration resulted in the next big marketing and merchandising initiative. We looked to department store history and about 5000 miles south where inspiration awaited: Brazil! The bright, bold colors and vibrant spirit were definitely a big draw, but it was the return to country promotions that was the big idea. The tribute that followed transformed the store into a tropical paradise and brought the high-octane country’s culture, foods, fashions, art, music, dance and magic to customers. 

37136_Brasil Fash_pine2_3
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_11
37136_Brasil Fash_spine2_15
37136_Brasil Fash_spine2_1
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_BK
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_2
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_3
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_4
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_5
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_6
37136_Brasil Fash_spine1_7


In close partnership with the Brazilian board of Tourism, we hit the hot spots. Ipanema. Rio de Janeiro. Bahia. Sao Paolo. The Amazon Rainforest. On location with Cliff Watts and Anne Menke, motion and stills captured the authenticity of the country with Brazilian-born models, celebs and men’s Olympic beach volleyball team playing muse. 


The campaign brought down the house with omnichannel initiatives including national advertising, direct mail,, station domination, social media, country-themed shops, inspired fashions, demos, sweepstakes, cause marketing and Macy’s Flower Show: Gardens In Paradise.

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