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The Dreamworks/Macy’s collaboration invited customers to #gethappy throughout the multifaceted celebration for the launch of the animated film. For the creative story, we borrowed directly from the vibrant colors, textures and elements along with the rambunctious personalities bringing details to life across all components of the campaign. The plan was structured to highlight the larger-than-life, Troll-glamour collection that included, among many things, hair-in-the-air rainbow wigs flown in from Los Angeles creating a happy craze with customers who wigged out over the wigs.  

For the campaign, an all-inclusive media blitz encompassed spot TV, print/outdoor, social, digital, windows, in-store displays, a launch party and online marketing. Even the Thanksgiving Day Parade was Troll-happy with a new balloon joining the line-up. In the spirit of Trollifying the store, the iconic Macy’s billboard bag on 34th Street featured a Troll takeover that delighted onlookers and customers alike.



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