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The brand video was the vehicle that allowed for more fully-developed storylines to brim with emotion while shining the spotlight on the designer and exclusive names that were the cornerstone of Macy’s. As SVP Creative Director, I was at the helm from concept to completion leading the creative forces which included internal teams and collaborations with directors, ad agencies, production companies and post-production magic-makers. The partnerships culminated in long form spots and short form films that hit the mainstream with Macy’s signature look, style, sound and feel.

Get Ready For Fall. Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, the creative collaborators, which included NYC ad agency, Figliulo & Partners, captured the ritual of getting ready on film. Gary Clark, Jr’s Bright Lights music added to the rock ’n roll vibe. The concept focused on the wardrobe pieces that make us look and feel our best and highlighted Fashion Director’s picks that help customers express their personal style.